September 21, 2021
In order to be a successful investment banker, one must be sharp and malleable. The finance industry is an ever changing one and the world of investment even more so. In order to plan for client’s futures, one must be ready to assess the situations as they come and act accordingly. Nicholas Assef is an investment banker that does not just advise his own clients, he also has a highly active and engaging feed on business trends and investment news in order to help those outside of his per-view. He began his feed in order to help provide a super sharp source of leading edge industry developments from a range of global media outlets. Because of his experience and results, this feed successfully presents Nicholas Assef as a leading voice in mergers and acquisitions.
March 23, 2021
Nick Assef is a businessman and entrepreneur who has served as the Chairman of Lincoln Crowne & Company. Assef is a leader who has helped to make Lincoln Crowne & Company the company that it is. He is proud of his leadership role with Lincoln Crowne & Company and the standards he has put on the company. Nick Assef has a unique understanding of the corporate world and it is displayed through his work with corporations on a daily basis.

Lincoln Crowne & Company is an independent corporate advisory firm that works with both domestic and international corporations. Their clients are consistently pleased with the outcomes Lincoln Crowne & Company are able to achieve. Regardless of the nature of the dispute or problem, Lincoln Crowne & Company is capable of providing high quality counsel on the subject.

Nick Assef is proud to say that no matter the size of the business, it’s location, or what industry it is active in, Lincoln Crowne & Company offers the same high quality services. Lincoln Crowne & Company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, but works with corporations from all over the world.
September 22, 2018
Over the course of a career that now covers a quarter century, Nick Assef has proven himself to be one of the most dynamic and persuasive mergers and acquisitions investment bankers to cover the Australian and South East Asian markets, although he can handle deals anywhere in the world. Nick Assef’s negotiating style is often described as tenacious, in part because he strives to use innovative thinking to assist his clients to make their dreams come true. One of his favorite innovations is his use of investment strategies based on "game theory."

By employing such techniques, Nick Assef feels that he is better able to provide the best advice and counsel to his clients.The founder of Lincoln Crowne & Company Pty. Limited, Nick’s approach to investment advice is based on his vast experience in a number of financial disciplines, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and more. The basis for his expertise comes with his extensive education. He studied at Harvard Business School, the University of Rochester, Bond University Law School and the University of Technology Sydney. All of that education provided the foundation he uses now, as an exceptional negotiator.
March 29, 2018
Nicholas Assef is more than just a successful investment and negotiation specialist in the Australian and South East Asian markets; he has gained plenty of experience all over the world.  He also has experience in a wide variety of business areas, such as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, valuation, growth strategies, shareholder rights, and strategic due diligence. His experience working deals all over the world is what led Nicholas Assef to establish what has become a premiere investment firm, Lincoln Crowne & Company Pty. Limited.

When he established Lincoln Crowne and Company, Nicholas Assef wanted to create a phenomenal firm that created a great return for its clients and they have done so. Years later, he continues to serve Lincoln Crowne and Company as their Executive Director and Senior Analyst. Nick has experience in the corporate world, but he also has done very well in the legal profession and in academia. Nicholas Assef has a Post-Graduate degree in Valuation from Harvard Business School, as well as an MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon Business School. Those are in addition to a Bachelor of Law Honors degree from Bond University Law School and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from University of Technology Sydney.